From Body to Space - 

An Architectural Relation

Book Release  :::  27.10.2022 18:30 uhr 

Edited by Matthias Ballestrem and Tim Simon-Meyer HCU Hamburg



Contents: Marta FernŠndez Guardado: Domestic Affairs - Learning from Thing-Body Relations in Home-Making to Transform Existing Dwelling Corinna KŁhnapfel and Hannah Kruft: A Neuropsychological Perspective on Architecture and the Body Jo„o Quintela and Tim Simon-Meyer: Commonstructures - Engaging Society through Architecture Tim Simon-Meyer: The Bodily of a Tectonic Approach Franziska Wittmann: Perceiving Beauty Wiktor Halm Skrzypczak: Primal Movements in Architectural Composition Alberto Campo Baeza: Eppur Si Muove - On the Movement of Light, because Light is Never Still Anton Burdakov: Big Dreams Matthias Ballestrem: Designing with and in Perspective Matthias Ballestrem and Tim Simon-Meyer: From Body to Space - An Introduction to Architectural Design